Foundation Coating Innovation


Deadline for submissions was 14. December 2020

Offshore wind turbine foundations operate in a harsh, highly corrosive marine environment where corrosion is a constant threat. Therefore, a corrosion control strategy is an essential aspect of the design. The corrosion control strategy ensures that the structural integrity of the foundation is preserved over the duration of the turbine service life.

A corrosion control strategy is based on the separate or combined use of various corrosion control measures including, for example, coatings, corrosion allowance or cathodic protection. Coatings are currently one of the main corrosion control measures used in offshore wind turbine foundations. All the visible surface of the foundations above water—both externally and internally—is protected by coatings. And a large part of the surface of the foundations below water, too.

As the service life of turbines increases, corrosion control measure service life will also need to increase in order to minimize the frequency and of maintenance coating, and ideally, not have to apply maintenance coating at all.

Call for solutions:
We are looking for coating protection and repair solutions that:

  • Will protect ├śrsted structures for service life periods of more than 25 years.
  • Are proven to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Are simple and efficient to apply.
  • Show a road map towards continuously reducing the costs for corrosion protection over time.
  • Currently exist in some capacity (lab testing or production)


  • Opens October 19, 2020 and Closes December 14, 2020
    When submissions close and we know how many submissions we had, we will email you with an estimated date when we expect to be completed with first round evaluations.

Submission evaluation:

  • Submission evaluations will be completed by December 18, 2020 and we will inform you whether or not you made it to the pitch round and if not, why.


  • If you've made it to this step in the process, you will be invited to pitch your solution and company to a panel of experts from Ørsted via a video call. Please keep the week of January 11 – January 15, 2021 available as we will be scheduling pitches on a day that work that works for the most teams.


  • Following the pitches and a period (up to 30 days) of analysis and conversation, the panel of experts, together with Ørsted 's Innovation team, will make a selection of 1-or-more companies we may proceed in working with. We will reach out to all participants in the pitch to provide our selection decision and feedback.

Working together:

  • If you were selected, we will work together to craft the appropriate working relationship, including all documented agreements, for you and Ørsted as that may be different from company-to-company.

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Deadline for submissions was 14. December 2020