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Do you have innovative ideas, solutions or products that can help shape the next generation of offshore wind power?

We have created this platform to identify, implement and scale innovative ideas, solutions or products that can be applied to accelerate the offshore wind industry. We are looking to collaborate with start-ups, companies, individuals and suppliers from the energy and adjacent industries. We host topic specific challenges but also welcome innovative solutions on an ad-hoc basis.


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Mads Nipper,  CEO

We aspire to be one of the true catalysts of systemic change to a greener society by continuing to prove that there is no long-term trade-off between sustainability and financial value creation.

Top of a wind turbine

Open challenge

Upcycling Turbine Foundation Covers 

Partnering with innovators to find a second life for wind turbine materials at scale

Wind farm

Closed challenge


Wind Turbine Coating

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The Challenge Journey

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Review of solution, assessment of potential and creation of shortlist.

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Final selection

A jury makes a final selection of solutions to implement and scale.


Collaborate with Ørsted on maturing and implementing your solution.

Note: The exact journey might vary depending on the challenge and maturity of the solution.

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Innovation Hub

In January 2020, Ørsted opened an Innovation Hub in Rhode Island to collaborate with the region’s growing blue economy and solidify our position in the US. Here, we will identify, develop and finance companies with a focus on next-generation technology and innovation in the offshore wind industry.




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